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EZ TOK Brand

EZ TOK is selling own brand on different E-Commerce channels like Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Tik Tok ETC. EZ TOK know how to run a brand on different channels and platform.

EZ TOK is TikTok's official certified TSP and CAP(TikTok Shop Partner and Creator Agency Partner)

Grow Your Brand & Sales

As a Local company, EZ TOK could be able to work with your brand and help your brand growing at Tik Tok Shop. Contact Us to get detail information below.

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Live Broadcast Base

EZ TOK has 5 live room in LA for different brand to explore directly to the customer. We also have lots of professional influencer to work with us.

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Training Program

AS TSP and CAP EZ TOK has many professional operators to help seller and creator with training program. The purpose is for grow seller revenue and creator commission.

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TikTok Shop Partner